Benefits Of Installing An AC Protective Cage

You undoubtedly take plenty of precautions to secure most of the items in your home. But while you probably lock your doors and windows anytime you leave your home to prevent break-ins and burglary, you may not give as much thought to securing the things outside your home. It may seem outrageous to you, but there are people who are perfectly willing to steal your AC unit. If you've never considered it before, you probably should. Fortunately, there is a relatively simple way to address this problem. This is by installing an AC protective cage. There are a number of benefits you will get when you do this.

Preventing Theft

To begin with, an AC protective cage is one of the most effective means for preventing the theft of an AC unit. While some owners choose to install AC alarms to alert them to a theft, these can sometimes be circumvented. It's much harder to get past a sturdy cage. Also keep in mind that thieves don't necessarily want to get away with your entire air-conditioner.

Copper is a very valuable material on the current market, and many air conditioning units have a lot of copper in them. This means that instead of trying to lug your AC unit into a truck, the thief might be satisfied in simply stripping out all of the copper from the unit. A properly installed protective AC cage will prevent a thief from doing either.

Easier Maintenance

Anyone who owns a home with an air conditioning system knows how much maintenance has to be done to keep the unit running properly. This is particularly true of the outside part of the system, where leaves and other debris can easily fall onto the unit. While an AC protective cage will not prevent small particles from falling down on of the unit, it will help to keep off leaves and branches. A large branch coming down onto your unprotected air-conditioner could cause serious damage, requiring repair or even replacement. An AC protective cage can keep this from happening.

Doesn't Interfere

Any air conditioning unit needs direct access to the air around it. If you try to block off your air conditioner with solid fences or other structures, it will not be able to operate efficiently. However, because an AC protective cage is made of an open mesh, it allows air to flow freely into the unit and doesn't interfere in its operation.

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