Should You Buy A Portable, Baseboard, Or Wall Heater For Your Unheated Bathroom?

An unheated bathroom can make showering a shivering experience during the winter. If your home lacks central heat, or the heat doesn't reach your bathroom, there are a few in-room heating options to consider. Portable, baseboard, and wall heaters all have their own pros and cons to consider. The best choice for you will ultimately come down to your personal needs and preferences as well as the size of the bathroom.

Portable Heater: Versatile, Small Rooms Only

Portable heaters are small devices that are easy to tote between rooms and positions in the bathroom. Modern units have cool-touch safety features, timers, and other settings that are improvements upon the older portable heaters. If you have a small bathroom with minimal floor, wall, and counter space, a portable heater might be a good choice for your heating solution.

If you have a large bathroom, a portable heater won't be the most efficient choice. While oscillating portable heaters do exist, the strength of the heat still won't be enough to properly heat a small room. You could use multiple portable heaters in a larger bathroom, but that setup would take away the ease-of-use selling point.

Baseboard Heater: Quiet Convection, Takes Up Floor Space

Baseboard heaters don't have a fan, which allows for quiet operation. The heaters intake cold air from the room, apply heat, and then the air naturally rises due to convection.

Baseboard heaters are so named for the installation location on the baseboards along your floor. If you have some open wall space in the bathroom, a baseboard heater can be installed successfully, and you might find this style the best option.

But you need to make sure the heater won't have any major obstructions where it is installed such as a toilet or sink that's directly in the way of the heat. The obstruction will make an already somewhat inefficient heater even less efficient and leave you with a still cold bathroom.

Wall Heater: Quick Heating, Might be Obstructed

A wall heater is mounted against one of your bathroom walls and uses a fan to force warm air out into your bathroom. The forced air means that wall heaters are one of the most efficient types at heating your bathroom quickly. The fast heating also means the unit doesn't have to run as long, which means that wall heaters are one of the most energy-efficient options, as well.

You need to make sure your bathroom has an accessible wall for the heater that will allow you to operate the controls, unplug the unit if necessary, and receive the forced air without a major obstruction. If you have a small, crowded bathroom, some degree of obstruction might be unavoidable but the strength of the heater can compensate.

Do you have an especially large bathroom? A wall heater alone might not provide enough heating for your needs. Consider combining a wall heater with a portable heater for a more tailored heating approach. Contact an HVAC installation technician for guidance and installation recommendations.