3 Reasons To Have Your AC Ducts Professionally Cleaned

Having your AC unit ducts cleaned can help improve the air quality in your home, making you less vulnerable to asthma and other diseases caused by inhaling dust and pollen particles. In this article, you will learn several reasons to have your air conditioning ducts cleaned professionally.


If a member of your family is suffering from a severe allergy-related illness, there could be a chance that the quality of your indoor air is poor due to some pollutant in the ductwork. A likely sign that the HVAC system is the culprit for the allergies could be visible air contaminants in your home.

For instance, if you notice large deposits of dust on furniture or see pet hair and other debris floating in the air, you may want to have your AC ducts cleaned to eliminate any allergens that could aggravate conditions such as asthma.

Mold infestation

The moist, warm conditions in your ductwork can encourage mold to grow and proliferate in your AC unit. Regularly checking your HVAC evaporator coil and drip pans for visible mold is the easiest way to spot an infestation. Condensation on the inside of your registers or outside of your air vents could also indicate a blocked drain pan, which could encourage mold to grow in your ductwork.

Another indicator of a mold infestation in your ductwork is a strong, mildew smell around the house that gets weak when the air conditioning is turned off for a while. If you notice any of these signs, call in an air conditioning contractor to fix blocked drain pans and clean out the mold in the ducts and other HVAC components.

A recent home renovation

A duct cleaning could be necessary if you have had your home recently renovated. This is especially true if you had asbestos abatement removal or significant dust during the home remodeling. Even though the ducts are usually sealed as the home is renovated, it is usually advisable to clean out the ducts soon after so as to ensure good air quality.

The above reasons should prompt you to schedule an immediate duct cleaning. Professional duct cleaning services typically use blowers, brushes and air vacuums to thoroughly clean out air ducts in your entire home so as to get rid of any pollutants in the supply, intake, and return ducts. The pros can also inspect the ductwork for leaks and clean the air handler, registers, fans/motors, coils and other components of the HVAC system. Contact a 24 hour air conditioning repair contractor for help.