5 Things An AC Service Provider Can Do For Your Air Conditioner

 During the hot summer months, there is little that is more refreshing than kicking back indoors with the air conditioner on full blast. Unfortunately, sometimes your AC might be working less than optimally. If this is the case, it might be time to call on someone to provide AC service for you and your house.

Filter Changes

It is recommended that you have your AC serviced at the beginning of every cooling season so that a maintenance person can provide preventative measures so that you won't have problems with your air conditioner to begin with. One of the things he or she will do for you is change your filter. A dirty filter can impede air conditioning efficiency. A good service person should also provide you with instructions on how to change the filter yourself, as well as provide you with two or three extra filters so these can be changed on a monthly basis during the air conditioning season.

Air Leaks

An AC service provider will be able to adequately locate and fix any leaks that are occurring in your HVAC ducts. Up to 30% of energy lost by air conditioner units is due to leaks in the ducts, so it is imperative that your service provider checks this matter thoroughly during a routine check up.


If your ducts are not properly insulated, an AC maintenance person can provide this service for you. Ducts inside of your attic and crawl spaces should be properly insulated and tightly wrapped in order to keep heat from escaping.

Bolts and Belts

During a routine maintenance visit, your AC service provider should always make sure that the bolts that keep your air conditioner together are tight and should lubricate all of the belts that ensure that your air conditioner is mechanically sound. The fan belt in particular should be lubricated, as this is the primary source of air generation in your air conditioner.

Routine Electrical Check

During a routine electrical check, a maintenance person will make sure that the voltage level of your air conditioner is at the proper level and that all electrical connections are sound, such that you do not experience a blowout or experience an electrical fire in your air conditioner.

You should receive an annual AC service check up, especially the month before you plan on regularly using your air conditioning system. A general AC service check up does not take particularly long – anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes – and is not something that will set you back a great deal financially. Click here for more info on air conditioning and other HVAC concerns.