3 Ways To Protect Your Out AC Unit From The Environment And Debris

If you have conventional air conditioning that uses a heat pump or air condenser, you have an outdoor unit. This part of your AC can be susceptible to problems with the environment around it, such as debris from trees and dirt in the air. There are some things that you can do to protect the outdoor parts of your AC. Here are some ways you can protect your outdoor AC unit from the environment around it:

1. Keeping Your AC Unit Free Of Tree Debris

The AC unit outside of your home can often fall victim to debris that falls off trees. If you have a wooded lot with a lot of trees, they can provide very valuable shade and privacy for your home. It is important to keep this debris out of the AC unit. During the summer and fall months, clean out any leaves and nuts that fall into the unit. You may want to occasionally check the unit to make sure that it is free of any debris that can fall into it.

2. Lightly Cleaning Dirt And Grime On The Unit

Over the years, dirt and grime can buildup on coils and other components. When your unit becomes dirty, you can lightly clean it with a soapy water and a garden hose. Use a bucket to mix with water and dish soap to clean the unit. Before you start, make sure the power is off. Use a broom to gently scrub the parts of the AC unit and then rinse the soap off with water. Allow the water to dry before you turn the unit back on.

3. Building A Shelter To Protect The AC Unit

If you have a unit that is constantly having problems from tree debris, you may want to build a shelter for it. This can be done by building a privacy screen to surround the unit and a small lean-to roof over the top. Make sure that the roof is high enough to not restrict airflow. This can also help muffle noise in outdoor areas if the unit is noisy and near an outdoor seating area. It can also hide an unsightly air conditioner if you have limited garden area and want to use the space near your AC unit for landscaping design.

These are some things you can do to protect your outdoor AC unit from the environment around you. If you need help with your air conditioning, contact any HVAC contractors in your area and talk with them about cleaning the unit for you.