4 Signs It's Time To Call An HVAC Specialist

If you have been experiencing problems with your heating and air conditioning system, you know how uncomfortable your home can become without adequate temperature control. Still, you may not know what signs indicate that it's time to have your system evaluated or repaired. Here are a few indications that it is time to contact an HVAC repair specialist in your area:


When your heating and air conditioning system is in use, you may notice the typical low hum of a running machine. However, you should not hear clanks, screeches and grinding noises. Unusual noises during the operation of your system could indicate that a component of your unit has become loose, broken or is even missing.

Physical Discomfort

If your family members seem to feel sick whenever they spend a prolonged period inside your home, your HVAC unit could be the problem. When HVAC systems use combustion to heat your home, they sometimes release carbon monoxide gas. This clear, odorless, colorless gas is poisonous and cause those exposed to it to feel ill. In severe instances of exposure, death can result.

If you suspect that there is a carbon monoxide issue with your system, you should have your unit checked as soon as possible.

Faulty Communication with a Thermostat

If you adjust your thermostat and your unit fails to respond with sufficient cooling or heating, there could be multiple repair issues. For instance, your wiring may faulty. However, there could also be problems with leaky ductwork, or there may be a blockage in your ducts.


When your HVAC system is running, the air coming from your vents should smell fresh and clean. Smoky smells could indicate wiring problems and should be quickly addressed to avoid a fire hazard.

Moldy smells could indicate that there is mold growing in your ducts. This should be corrected promptly since mold contamination can cause health problems for the occupants of your home. Mold spores can cause migraine headaches, allergy problems and breathing issues.

Foul odors could indicate a different problem. If an animal, such as a rodent or bird, has accessed the ducts of your system and died before exiting, you may notice unsavory smells coming from your unit. However, a professional can check your ducts to determine the cause of the odors.

If you are having problems with your air conditioner unit, contact a professional like Phil's Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. in your area to have your unit assessed and repaired.