How To Make Sure Your Spring Cleaning Effects Last Longer

Don't you hate when you put a lot of effort into cleaning your home, only for it to look dirty again just days later? This is especially frustrating when it occurs after a big spring cleaning effort. But luckily, there are a few steps you can add to your spring cleaning routine to ensure your home stays looking spic and span for months, rather than days.

Have your air ducts cleaned.

If you don't have your air ducts cleaned, your dusting efforts will be wasted. As soon as you turn the heat or air conditioning back on, dust particles that have settled in the ducts will get blown back out into your home, where they will land on furniture and instantly restore that dingy, dusty look.

Having your ducts cleaned should be one of the first tasks on your spring cleaning list so that once you do dust, your efforts aren't put to waste. Expect to pay about $300 to $500 for duct cleaning, depending on the size of your home. The task should only take your HVAC company a few hours at most. Contact a business, such as Crystal Coast Heating & Air LLC, for more information. 

Clean those ceiling fans, light fixtures and window treatments.

Like your air ducts, these items are all sources of dust that can be re-distributed, dirtying up the rest of your home the second it encounters a breeze. Dust the top of your ceiling fan blades, remove your light fixtures and give them a good wash, and launder any drapes you have. If you have blinds over your windows, an easy way to clean them is by slipping on a cotton glove and spraying it with all-purpose cleaner. Run the glove over the blinds, one by one, and they'll soon be dust free.

Throw things away as you go.

You know all of those items that really should be in a closet or drawer, but always end up on your kitchen table or on the floor? You know how they tend to re-appear on the table or floor over and over again after you put them away? If you had more space in your storage areas, you'd be able to put these items back where they're supposed to be more easily. The key to creating space is getting rid of things you don't need. So, making throwing away and donating extra items your priority during this spring cleaning. There will be more space left for the items you keep, so you'll be less likely to leave them around, re-creating that messy look.

With the tips above, you can keep your home from getting messy again so soon after you've put effort into spring cleaning.