Simple Steps To Take To Reduce Pollen In Your Home

If you regularly suffer from seasonal allergies, reducing the symptoms is most likely first on your mind during peak allergy times. There are several steps you can take at home to help make it a safe haven you can retreat to when allergens are at excessive levels outdoors. Here are some tips you can try inside your own home.

Keep Your Home Tidy

The more physical items you have within your home, the more places allergens can land and collect. It is best to keep stacks of belongings inside enclosures so they are at less risk of harboring allergens on top of them. Simplifying your personal effects will also make it easier for you to do cleaning procedures to eliminate allergens within your home. 

Take the time to vacuum your home in its entirety each week to remove allergens from inside. This includes all carpeting and cloth upholstery as these are areas where allergens tend to embed themselves into fibers. Dust your home often as well. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, consider asking another family member or hire a cleaning service to do these tasks for you during peak allergy times.

Clean Your Air Ducts And Filters

When you turn on your central air conditioning or furnace to feel comfortable, allergens within the air will be pushed through the duct work in your home. They are then forced through vents into different rooms in your house. The ducts will accumulate pollen, pet dander, and dust inside. It is a good idea to call an HVAC service to do routine air duct cleaning in your home to help keep allergies at bay. They will use a powerful vacuum to extract this debris from the ducts so it will no longer pose problems to your breathing. 

The filters in your air conditioner or furnace should be changed out often if you are an allergy sufferer. Look for special filters made especially for trapping pollen and dander to help keep them from being distributed into your home when you turn on your heat or cool air.

Keep The Outside Air From Getting Inside

When seasonal allergy symptoms are present, it is important to take steps in keeping pollen outdoors. Make sure your windows are closed from mid-morning to late afternoon to help keep pollen from getting inside. Take off your shoes on your porch and leave them outdoors during times allergies are present.