A Guide To DIY Duct Cleaning

If you have central air in your home, there are several things that could reduce the efficiency of your system. Over time, if you fail to perform basic maintenance functions, your heating and air conditioning will become more expensive and less efficient. There are a few simple things you can fix on your own, even if you don't have any HVAC experience. One of the best do-it-yourself repairs is to clean your ducts. This article explains how to clean your ducts like a pro.

Removing and Cleaning the Air Registers

First, you want to remove and clean all of your air registers. Most registers are only attached with a couple of screws. In some cases you will also need to cut away the caulk that seals the edges of the register. Regardless, removing the registers should only take a couple of minutes. Once they are removed, be sure to thoroughly clean each side, especially in between every individual vent.

Using a Cleaning Pole

Now that the registers are off of the wall, you can easily clean the ducts. You will definitely need to invest, rent or borrow a telescoping pole. Most telescoping poles will have a universal male screw attachment. You can screw a duct cleaning brush directly onto this attachment. You might only be able to find this pole in the painters section or at the paint store because they are commonly used for painting. In fact, they are often called painter's poles.

Cleaning Your Ducts

The key to using the brush with the pole is to try and push the pole all the way to the back of the duct without hitting the side walls. Then, push down on one duct wall as you pull it out. This way you won't push any dust deeper into your ducts. You should also use a flashlight to look deep inside your ducts and make sure there is no mold formation. If you noticed mold on any of your sidewalls, you should call professionals. You will also want to thoroughly clean the edge of your duct opening. If you have drywall, there is usually a lip between the board and duct where dust can get trapped. Clean or vacuum this out.

A basic duct clean will help increase the quality and airflow throughout your home. It is a cheap and easy DIY project that will end up saving you money. For professional assistance, contact companies like Action Appliance Services.