A Few Not So Obvious Signs Your Furnace Needs Repaired

Having your furnace quit working can make the house cold and uncomfortable. This is why you need to call for furnace repair services at the first sign of a problem. It is obvious there is something wrong if you have to keep turning the thermostat higher and higher to keep the house warm. However, if you can notice that something is going wrong before that, you may be able to save yourself some money and keep the house comfortable. Here are a few of the not so obvious signs there is something wrong with your furnace:


Every week or so go take a look at the flame in the furnace when it is on and running. The flame should be blue. If it is yellow, you may have a leak. This leak is carbon monoxide and can be deadly. Contact a repairman to come and fix the problem as soon as possible. Explain that you may have a carbon monoxide leak and they should send someone right away. In the meantime, open a few windows in the house and get everyone out.

Dry, Dusty Air

When a furnace is not working properly, there may be a problem with air flow in the house. You may notice more dust, and the air might feel dry when you breathe. Your family might experience allergy symptoms and dry skin. You may also notice your furniture looks and feels dry.


Although a furnace does make some noise when it kicks on and again when the cycle is done, it shouldn't be making other sounds and what it does make should not be loud. If you notice a change in the normal soft sounds, there could be a problem. You should go and check the filters to ensure they are not dirty and clogged, preventing air flow. If changing the filters does not stop the loud noises, it is time to get professional help because the problem is most likely only going to get worse.

Do not wait to call for furnace repair services until your house gets cold because it is not working at all. Pay attention to the unit and do not take things for granted. Be sure to have routine preventive maintenance done by a professional too. The technician may notice a problem starting before you do and be able to prevent it from happening. Taking care of the unit before there is a problem will be much easier than fixing it once it is broken. 

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