Three Tips To Lower Business AC Costs

Keeping staff and customers comfortable in the hot summer months is important to any business owner, but it is also important to manage the bottom line by avoiding overly large energy bills. Unfortunately, the AC can lead to high bills if it isn't managed correctly. The following three tips can help you keep everyone cool while avoiding extra costs.

Tip #1: Secure the controls

Whether on purpose or from an accidental bump, adjusting the AC to an overly low temperature leads to higher bills and possible discomfort as those dressed for summer are exposed to frigid indoor temperatures. The best way to avoid this issue is to secure the thermostat. There are two options; the first is to have a lock box installed over the thermostat so only those with a key can access it. The other option is to use a thermostat that requires the input of a code to control the temperature. In both instances you need to make sure that your maintenance staff and the manager on duty have access to the thermostat so that they can address any issues or concerns that may require a repair or setting adjustment.

Tip #2: Upgrade to a programmable model

A programmable thermostat is a must, regardless of the size of your business. You can set it to a higher temperature when you are closed with no staff on duty, such as overnight or on the weekends, but then program the AC to switch on an hour before opening so the business is at a comfortable temperature. There are even systems available that allow you to adjust the temperature by floor, or even by office, so you can keep a sunny lobby set to a cooler temperature and an already cool interior break room set to a higher temperature. As an added bonus, you can monitor many modern thermostats when you aren't in the office, which allows you to make changes to the setting without having to be at the office to do so.

Tip #3: Remove air leaks

Open windows, doors that don't shut fully, and poor seals can all lead to a higher AC bill. Making it a policy to keep windows shut can help cut down on the first issue, but you should still have every window fitted with a security sensor so your maintenance staff can quickly locate any windows that have been inadvertently opened. Automatic doors can help cut down on cool air loss from doors held open. As for poor seals, all weatherstripping should be inspected annually and replaced as needed.

For more help, schedule an inspection with your local commercial AC services today.