3 Fixable Commercial HVAC Problems

Commercial air conditioning repair is something that should be handled by licensed contractors. While many HVAC technicians will be licensed and insured for both residential and commercial repairs, you should still make sure that any pros you hire actually have commercial experience. Residential HVAC contractors are far easier to come by. This article looks at three of the most common issues that you might have with commercial HVAC systems.

Roof Units

Most commercial buildings will have several air conditioning units on the roof. However, of the units could also be on the ground. It is the roof units that are in danger of getting damaged because they are completely exposed to the elements and receive no reprieve from sun, rain, and wind. The units next to the building will be shaded half a day. Since units on the roof are so exposed, they need to be repaired more frequently. You want have a professional get up on your roof and look at for you AC cabinets to check for damage once every year or two.

Inconsistent HVAC

Another common problem with commercial systems is inconsistent heating and cooling. In commercial buildings with multiple levels and unevenly sized rooms, it is hard to heat and cool large spaces evenly. For example, the rooms that are closest to the air conditioning unit could receive more airflow and be colder than rooms that are further away. On top of this, if your system just has a central control, it could be impossible to keep everybody happy as far as the temperature is concerned. Duct re-arrangement isn't it always that complicated. Often, moving filters, registers, and installing new can even out the airflow.


Commercial buildings are often running off of AC units that just aren't big enough for the space. The individual appliances might be strong enough to cool your building on paper, but many other factors can affect the capacity of your units. Your building could have large, bright lights that heat up the space. Even the body heat of a large, bustling workforce can heat up interiors. Certain types of production use heavy machines that create a lot of heat. Basically, the day to day operations (as random as they might be from tenant to tenant) can make the interior much hotter and put too much stress on the existing system.

This is why the best solution is to just install new, higher capacity AC and heat units. For more information, contact a company like Day's Appliance Repair Heatg & Air Condtng Co.