Common Myths Associated With Installing A Mini-Split HVAC System

Having a cooling system installed in your home is a big deal, and any myths in the way should be cleared up before you ever start the shopping process. Mini-split AC systems are a popular option, but there are also a lot of myths associated with these modern units. 

Myth: Mini-split systems can only be used in small dwellings. 

It is true that a single mini-split is best for a smaller dwelling. However, these systems are actually what you would refer to as zoned systems; there can be multiple units throughout a home to cater to different cooling zones. Mini-splits are popular in small homes and even apartments because they do an excellent and efficient job in these smaller spaces, but they can just as easily be used in a larger space. Depending on the size, you may only need more units to efficiently cool the space.

Myth: Mini-split systems require you to cut a large hole in the wall. 

If the mini-split system will be installed on a wall and not mounted in a window, you may need a small hole in the wall to connect the unit to the outdoor unit, but the opening does not have to be all that big. The opening can be small enough that it won't alter the exterior of the home or cause any concerns, and it can easily be closed back up after the unit is removed. 

Myth: Mini-split system requires the installation of ducts. 

Even though a mini-split AC system is capable of delivering cool air, it does not require ductwork to do so. The system is a forced-air system, which means it has powerful internal fans that push the treated air throughout a space. If you have avoided putting in a mini-split system because you do not want ducts and vents installed, you don't have to worry because they are not necessary. 

Myth: Mini-split AC units are the most expensive. 

The contrary is actually true in a lot of cases. The mini-split AC system can run anywhere between $500 and $5,000. The drastic difference in prices comes from the complexity of the unit. Those that offer both heating and cooling are naturally more expensive and units that offer only cooling are more affordable. The size of the unit, how it is made, and the difficulty of the install are also factors that will affect the price of a unit. For more information, contact a company that offers HVAC installation services in Dayton, OH.