Why Do Some People Still Install Boilers?

When you think of a heating system, what sort of appliance comes to mind? Chances are, you think of a furnace. Indeed, most homeowners these days install forced-air heating systems, powered by furnaces, in their homes. However, there are still some people who prefer boiler heat. No, they're not crazy. They actually have good reasons for their preferences. Here's a look at some of the advantages boiler heating has, especially to certain individuals.

Boiler heating does not throw dust everywhere.

Dust is a pain to clean up. Have you ever had a home in which you felt like you were constantly dusting? Forced air heating can make dust worse, since the moving air blows dust around. You may think you removed all the dust, when really there is more in the air, waiting to settle on surfaces the moment you move on. Boiler heating does not blow air around, so when you clean dust off or surfaces, you won't notice that residue reappear within hours. Also, there are no ducts to harbor dust and spread it all over the first time you turn on the heat each fall. 

Boiler heating is quiet.

Some people like the sound of air blowing through their vents, but most people find it a little annoying. If you have kids, the heat kicking on at night might wake them up. If you're a light sleeper, it might wake you up, too! Boiler heating is virtually silent. You can sleep through the night with no distractions, and you won't have to turn the TV volume up every time the heat kicks on. 

Boiler heating keeps your home at a more consistent temperature.

Forced air heating has two options: off or on. Either your home is getting heated, or it's not. While a boiler also turns off and on in a cyclical manner, the hot water in the radiators remains warm for longer than the boiler is on. It slowly cools off, imparting its heat your home in the process. As a result, your home's temperature stays more consistent throughout the day and night, rather than fluctuating by a few degrees. You won't find yourself reaching for a sweater one minute only to strip it off the next.

Even though forced air may be more common, boiler heating has its fans — and for good reason. If you hate dust, like quiet, and want an even temperature in your home, perhaps you should consider boiler installation in your home.