3 Things Your Heating Oil Company Will Need To Know When Setting Up Automatic Delivery

You might be hoping to set up automatic delivery from your heating oil company. After all, this is a good way to make things easy on yourself during the winter months, and it can help you and your family avoid running out of heating oil. These are some of the things that your heating oil company will probably want to know when setting you up for automatic delivery.

1. What Size Tank Do You Have?

First of all, the amount of heating oil that your heating oil delivery company can bring will be limited by the size of your storage tank. Someone from your heating oil company might ask you if you need to rent a heating oil storage tank for storing your heating oil. If you already have a tank, then you will need to let your heating oil delivery company know how big your tank is so that they will know how much oil they can bring at one time and so that they can get a better idea of how long that tank of oil will last your family.

2. How Much Heating Oil Does Your Family Normally Use?

If you have a really big heating oil tank, you might not want to have your tank completely filled up each time that you have a heating oil delivery. The amount that your family uses will have an impact on how much heating oil you will need to have delivered and the frequency with which deliveries need to be made. If you have an idea of how much heating oil your family normally uses, such as if you have taken a look at some of your old bills for previous winters, then provide this information to your heating oil company.

3. How Do You Plan on Paying for Your Heating Oil?

Lastly, your heating oil company might ask you how you are planning on paying for your heating oil services. You might choose to prepay for your heating oil for the season ahead of time, or you could hope to receive a bill in the mail that you can take care of at your convenience. You might even want your heating oil delivery company to automatically draft the cost of the heating oil of your checking account or to charge your credit or debit card. Ask your heating oil delivery company about your payment options, and let them know which one is right for you.