What Does Water Coming Out Of Your AC Mean?

If you have water coming out of your air conditioner, it could be a sign of a major problem. Here's what it could mean and what you should do about it.

Water Coming Out of Your Air Vents

If you have water coming out of your air vents, there are two possible causes. The first is condensation in your ducts, and the second is a plumbing leak.

Plumbing leaks are the less common cause because they can only happen if you have a multi-story home or pipes running through your sealing. If the pipe leaks into your ceiling, the water needs somewhere to go. Often, the path of least resistance is loosening the tape that holds your ducts together, flowing through the new gap, and pouring out of your air vents. You'll need to have a residential plumbing service find and repair the leak, then have an HVAC contractor repair the duct.

If you don't have a plumbing leak, you may have some form of condensation in your ducts. Condensation forms when there are large temperature differences in your home. This might be between your attic and the ducts or your ducts and the air in your rooms. You'll need to eliminate this temperature difference by having your HVAC contractor add insulation around your ducts or increase the amount of airflow through your ducts.

Water Coming Out of Your Indoor Air Handler

You may notice a dripping noise when your air conditioner is running. This is normal. As your AC sucks in air and pulls it over the cooling coils, the cooling coils cause humidity to condense on the coils. The humidity then drips into the AC's drain and out its drain pipe.

This pipe is the most common source of problems. Over time, it can get clogged with dirt and dust so that the water can't drain out anymore and backs up into your home. Once you call for residential plumbing services and have the pipe flushed, it will go back to normal.

Water Coming Out of Your Outdoor Condenser Unit

There is no HVAC related cause for water leaking out of your outdoor condenser unit. It doesn't have any water going through it. Have a plumber check for leaks in your sprinklers or other nearby sources of water.

To learn more about why water is coming out of your AC and what to do about it, contact a local HVAC contractor with residential plumbing services today.