Three Reasons You Should Always Leave AC Repair To A Professional

No matter how advanced your air conditioning system is, every setup is prone to periodic breakdowns and malfunctions. While some can be minor, others can develop into major issues that threaten to not only shut down your entire unit but necessitate a full replacement as well.

Most homeowners enjoy working on their homes to a certain extent, but any form of air conditioning repair needs to be left up to a professional. Not only will the job be done right, but it's also usually less expensive and far less of a headache to simply hire out the process instead of trying to do it yourself.


When you factor in all of the different costs associated with trying to do repairs around the house, it can add up in a hurry. For instance, parts and tools that may be available to professional HVAC companies are usually bought either in bulk or at a discount, which means that if you try to purchase them yourself, you'll pay significantly more (that's if you can even find them at all). Not to mention the time taken off of work to actually do the job and the cost of any associated repairs that come with your own DIY efforts, which can also add significantly to your bill.


Without proper understanding of how your air conditioning system works, it can be dangerous to try and work on it yourself. Power supplies need to be disconnected and parts need to be removed - and that's just for the AC unit. Any air conditioning repair that involves working on ductwork requires ladders and climbing around over fragile sheetrock. If for no other reason on this list, safety is the main reason why air conditioning repair needs to be left up to somebody who is familiar with the process, otherwise it could pose significant dangers to life and limb.


They may not look like it on the surface, but air conditioning units are surprisingly complex and require advanced technical knowledge and experience to work on properly. Even minor adjustments can greatly impact the way that your air conditioning system operates, especially in regards to newer energy-efficient models. Even something as simple as recharging your condenser coils with the wrong type of refrigerant can damage the system, so even if your air conditioning repair is "successful" the first time around, you may not notice the true impact for several weeks or even months to come.