Why Should I Hire A Professional Drain Cleaning Service?

When it comes to plumbers, few things are as synonymous with their profession as clearing drains. But despite how simple it may look to the average homeowner, professional drain cleaning services are extremely complex — not only in being able to identify the clog but in clearing it as well.

If you're thinking about trying to do this on your own, below are a few reasons why that might not be such a good idea. To be fair, minor clogs and blockages can usually be taken care of with some simple DIY solutions, but really stubborn clogs will require professional drain cleaning service. If you need one, contact a technician in your area as soon as possible.

It May be Deeper Than You Think

Relatively shallow clogs that are near the top of the drainpipe are pretty easy to spot. Usually, these are the ones found in the bathroom and are comprised of hair, toothpaste, and other gunk that finds its way into your drain. Using a simple metal hanger bent into a hook, and possibly some boiling water, you can usually yank these out without too much effort.

But sometimes clogs are deeper in the drain than they may appear. Clogs that are past the P-trap, for instance, can't normally be cleared with traditional methods, and require a professional drain cleaning service to use a snake and a camera to locate and clear the clog. Trying to do it yourself could result in causing more damage than existed in the first place.

It May Damage Your Pipes

Over the counter drain cleaning solutions are notoriously hazardous, not only to your pipes but also to the environment. Not only can they eat away at the PVC or old copper piping that may be in your home, but it also seeps out into the ground and damage the local ecosystem. One or two applications most likely won't cause much damage, but continual usage of over-the-counter chemicals can have long-lasting effects.

It May Not Actually Clear the Clog

There's a difference between clearing the clog and cleaning the drain. While simply removing the clog or punching a hole through it will allow water to pass through, professional drain cleaning services also scrub the walls of the pipes to make sure those clogs don't return. A process like Hydro jetting, for instance, uses pressurized water to scrub the inside of your pipes and ensure that debris doesn't collect again.

To learn more or to get help, reach out to a local drain cleaning service.