3 Things Your Heating Oil Company Will Need To Know When Setting Up Automatic Delivery

You might be hoping to set up automatic delivery from your heating oil company. After all, this is a good way to make things easy on yourself during the winter months, and it can help you and your family avoid running out of heating oil. These are some of the things that your heating oil company will probably want to know when setting you up for automatic delivery. 1. What Size Tank Do You Have?

Why Do Some People Still Install Boilers?

When you think of a heating system, what sort of appliance comes to mind? Chances are, you think of a furnace. Indeed, most homeowners these days install forced-air heating systems, powered by furnaces, in their homes. However, there are still some people who prefer boiler heat. No, they're not crazy. They actually have good reasons for their preferences. Here's a look at some of the advantages boiler heating has, especially to certain individuals.

Common Myths Associated With Installing A Mini-Split HVAC System

Having a cooling system installed in your home is a big deal, and any myths in the way should be cleared up before you ever start the shopping process. Mini-split AC systems are a popular option, but there are also a lot of myths associated with these modern units.  Myth: Mini-split systems can only be used in small dwellings.  It is true that a single mini-split is best for a smaller dwelling.

Why Put In Central Air Conditioning?

You want to get new air conditioning for your home. Whether you are more into getting something energy efficient or you just want to make your home cooler and more comfortable, your air conditioning has to meet your needs. Central air conditioning is a great alternative to traditional window air conditioning or even a swamp cooler and can make a huge difference in the way you enjoy cooling your home. Here are the reasons to put central air conditioning in your home.

3 Reason Your Furnace Isn't Performing The Way It Should

You need your furnace to work when it is cold outside. If your furnace didn't seem to be working right, there are a few primary reasons why your furnace may be underperforming. Reason #1: Dirty Filter One of the main reasons that furnaces underperform is simple: they have dirty air filters. When an air filter is clogged up with dust and pollen, not enough air will be able to get through the air filter, and thus not enough air is being heated by your furnace and pumped into your home.