Tips For Taking Care Of Your Air Conditioner

As the summer heat continues, you count on your air conditioning unit to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. The return air vent will pull air into the ducts to pass through the system and be cooled. The unit will work and work, cycling on and off to push the cool air out through the vents. While the system will continue to work on its own for a while, if you don't take care of it, you will end up with a high electric bill and the unit will start to break down.

3 Fixable Commercial HVAC Problems

Commercial air conditioning repair is something that should be handled by licensed contractors. While many HVAC technicians will be licensed and insured for both residential and commercial repairs, you should still make sure that any pros you hire actually have commercial experience. Residential HVAC contractors are far easier to come by. This article looks at three of the most common issues that you might have with commercial HVAC systems. Roof Units

Three Tips To Lower Business AC Costs

Keeping staff and customers comfortable in the hot summer months is important to any business owner, but it is also important to manage the bottom line by avoiding overly large energy bills. Unfortunately, the AC can lead to high bills if it isn't managed correctly. The following three tips can help you keep everyone cool while avoiding extra costs. Tip #1: Secure the controls Whether on purpose or from an accidental bump, adjusting the AC to an overly low temperature leads to higher bills and possible discomfort as those dressed for summer are exposed to frigid indoor temperatures.

Three Ways To Prevent Your Heat Pump From Becoming An Ice Cube

Heat pumps are great at keeping a home comfortably warm, but a common problem with these appliances is they have a tendency to freeze up when it's snowing and/or temperatures are really low. Although the machine does activate a defrost cycle to help get rid of the ice, that's energy that could be better used on other tasks. Here are two things you can do to keep your heat pump nice and ice-free this season.

4 Problematic Air Conditioning Noises To Listen For

An air conditioner doesn't make much noise, when it is running. The condenser runs outside, but it is a consistent hum that will almost sound like white noise inside your home. There are noises that are a clear indication that your air conditioner will need to be serviced in the near future. Here are 4 problematic noises to look out for. Thumping Is there a constant thumping noise that seems to be coming from inside your air handler, when the air conditioner is running?